Free Verse: Late Night Thoughts. 5/11.

Black Art (Tumblr)Sometimes I wonder if she knows…that I visualize her with me.
Embracing her being. Sliding my finger down her strong collarbone.

Guiding my energy to create equal attraction to our souls.
Giving her goosebumps from my sincerity; raising her awareness from the friction.

Having her heartbeat hit that 1. 2. 3. Repeat. 1. 2. 3. Repeat.
With hopes of her bloodstream filling with a sultry tension; to recreate a seductive, R&B beat.

I feel like she doesn’t know…that I know. That she. Should be with me.
I can sense her intimidation, but I yearn to settle. And so, I desire to ride to her vibe.

Her sweet melody with her fine, seductive tune.
But I feel that she makes me feel like she’s missing something.

So I write letters of random thoughts with words.
For her to read in between the lines; to hope she knows.

Until then…
Until she knows…



© 2016 Tru1Poetry


The Exploitation of a Black Warrior


Sacrifice requires Decisions that are not comfortable.

The Journey of Finding One’s Purpose is not easy.

Who’s to say that giving up things that you love is impossible?

It is leaving people you love and things not meant for you; those are the hardest Decisions. Continue reading

Kingdom Letter #1

"Made 4 Each Other" by Kevin "WAK" Williams

“Made 4 Each Other” by Kevin “WAK” Williams

Dear Queen,
Message: There are good men in this world, don’t give up hope.
Your King is coming…for He is currently in the making. (Nope, Don’t give up Hope.)  

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