Free Verse: Late Night Thoughts. 5/11.

Black Art (Tumblr)Sometimes I wonder if she knows…that I visualize her with me.
Embracing her being. Sliding my finger down her strong collarbone.

Guiding my energy to create equal attraction to our souls.
Giving her goosebumps from my sincerity; raising her awareness from the friction.

Having her heartbeat hit that 1. 2. 3. Repeat. 1. 2. 3. Repeat.
With hopes of her bloodstream filling with a sultry tension; to recreate a seductive, R&B beat.

I feel like she doesn’t know…that I know. That she. Should be with me.
I can sense her intimidation, but I yearn to settle. And so, I desire to ride to her vibe.

Her sweet melody with her fine, seductive tune.
But I feel that she makes me feel like she’s missing something.

So I write letters of random thoughts with words.
For her to read in between the lines; to hope she knows.

Until then…
Until she knows…



© 2016 Tru1Poetry


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