The Exploitation of a Black Warrior


Sacrifice requires Decisions that are not comfortable.

The Journey of Finding One’s Purpose is not easy.

Who’s to say that giving up things that you love is impossible?

It is leaving people you love and things not meant for you; those are the hardest Decisions.

Saying goodbye to friends, kissing your loved ones one more time;

Calling your father who has never been there for you in your lifetime,

To tell him that by tomorrow you will not be able to call from a normal land line.

The country that you were born and raised in thanks you, but deep down, you don’t feel the


You know the Truth because it hurts, but inside, the ugly Truth will hide.

Sacrifice…you sacrifice your life, your dignity, your psychological mind.

And yet, most do not know what you must do to stay alive.

Black Soldier…you know your place and know your time.

But when will you decide that being Radical and Revolutionary will surely save your life?

Black Soldier, Black Soldier, Black Soldier. Whose side are you on? Are you for your country ‘tis of thee or for the Bloodline within you that brings true Liberty?



© 2015 Tru1Poetry


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