Life Is A Gamble.

Kings & Queens,

In this game of Life, there are many ways to play the game. For a few of us, we Press Start right when we are born…and set off to become great contributors to this world and successfully beat the game by the time we pass peacefully. For others, we may Press Start and go through Life by chance with minimal logic…and it is 50/50 on whether you luckily get through the game or unexpectedly lose and it is too late, Game Over. Life’s game isn’t necessarily always about strategically beating it, but more so enjoying what has been given. Now, you’ve probably heard the saying “what’s the point of living if you don’t take chances?”, I do believe in certain points in your life you should take chances, because after all, what is Life without them? If you take chances, be sure to go through with them instead of backing out (especially at last minute). Don’t start jumping off the edge to get to the other side, then all of sudden decide not to go through it…because by the time you jump and reconsider, you will not make it on the other side. I sit here and think of the many times I have taken chances on doing things outside my comfort zone, things that I didn’t think I could accomplish, and as well as opportunities that I may have passed on due to doubts. Before rolling your dices, be cautious before letting them go…think about if the chance you take benefits or hurts you more. If you’re not able to roll them just yet, keep them in your pocket. Shoot, even learn from other players in order to advance yourself in this game of Life. Don’t let the dices tumble and you don’t even know how to play the game right. Why am I saying this? Because in this point of my Life, I am in a position of still continuing to grow, even when I have already gotten through levels that many did not think I could pass…and more so myself for times where I didn’t even think I was good enough. It’s one thing to have pride, it’s another to acknowledge your weaknesses. Know your strengths & know your weaknesses. Learn how you can grow your strengths and how you can turn weaknesses into strengths. Humble yourself to the success and accept the failures. You won’t always win, you won’t always lose, but overall, Enjoy this game of Life.

Life is a gamble, oh baby
Where you win or lose




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