Back In The Day…Golden Age.

Kings & Queens,

So I’m currently watching “Martin”, one of my favorite sitcom shows…and as I watch re-runs that I’ve probably watched a number of times,  the show still doesn’t get old to me. Now, considering the fact that Gina moved out of her nice apartment to move-in to Martin’s raggedy one (lol), her being with a guy that seems to not have it all the way there compared to her (more so insecure about everything), amongst maybe some other traits that can be pointed out, the storylines are hilarious and of course has been one of television’s best show to date. I sit here and reminisce because television shows like these no longer are created for the sake of entertainment, but more so just for ratings and degrading. Now, mind you Martin didn’t always have it together (of course with the sexual harassment allegations off-set), but the show created a scene that the youth could actually learn lessons from. For example, the relationship between Gina & Martin weren’t always perfect, but the fact that their relationship held together through thick and thin (of course until the shows end) showed to me that strong, black couples can stay together through the ups and the downs. Also, if you do not realize it, on certain episodes the characters would wear Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) brand clothing that also to me showed positive displays of support towards these schools. Another to point out is the friendships between Martin, Tommy, and Cole and between Gina and Pam. Even when disagreements occurred and dislikes came about, they always seemed to come together in the end. Relationships, Positive displays, and Friendships are characteristics that seem to slowly go away in present televisions shows these days…especially toward African-American Men & Women. It is clear in this day and age that ratings and money take precedence of television shows that allows children and adults to take pride in their culture. Now, Martin doesn’t necessarily represent the black community, but it does show a state of what the 80s an 90s did represent…positivity. I understand that with time, we must move to the current times and go past the past…but, with me being an old soul, the past is a part of what represents the Man that I am. I was raised amongst Elders and Old School folks that would tell me stories of the good times, where empowerment, masculinity, and above all God Fearing that I would admire as a youngin’. Being of age to speak about my own adult experiences, but still young enough to learn with a young state of mind, I hold on to the memories of the great men & women who taught me to keep up my head high, my back strong, and not to allow anyone to ride me. Maybe in a future post I will elaborate on some of the topics that I’ve brought up in this post…but I will say, I do sometimes miss my childhood…the Golden Age days. Simplicity.

Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again…”



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