Revolutionary Fridays.

Kings & Queens,

I wanted to start a somewhat of a weekly repost on Fridays of thoughts/ideas/writings/etc. of anything that I may have written, researched, or found that may be insightful to you. Revolutionary Fridays will be something to enlighten the mind and question the status quo around you. A Revolutionary, according to the dictionary, is defined as, “1. engaged in or promoting political revolution. 2. a person who works for or engages in political revolution. ; A revolutionary person fearlessly advocates radical change. Revolutionary people and ideas challenge the status quo and might be violent or willing to upset the natural order to achieve their goals.” I do not consider myself yet to be of this status, but I do believe I have always had the mindset since I was young. This evening I would like to repost a thought I made on my Instagram 35 weeks ago…any thoughts is appreciated in the comment section:

“The Power of Voice. Not only just by sound, but also through action. As a young man, I often wonder how history changing beings such as MLK, MalcolmX, Ghandi, Mandela, & MANY others not publicized/recognized fought for their beliefs & what they believed what was right. With ALL the negativity thrown at them…the threats, physical abuse, the incarceration, being negativity spoken at, & even in certain cases meeting their demise early…how they still had the physical, mental, emotional, & most importantly spiritual strength to keep going. I’m sure there were moments in their life where they reconsidered their journey & wanted to turn back or run away, but something in them said to keep going. They were fearless. I pray that through all the negativity & mental slavery that is present in this world, that I find the untouched potential in my being & spirit & the courage to carry out my true purpose in this life before I leave & join my supreme being. The first step to open these doors: Speak Up.”

I tumble like the dice do
Stay on the humble like Christ do…”




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