2015: Page 1/365.

Kings & Queens,

Good evening. If you are reading this, I appreciate you taking the time to. I didn’t know when I was going to begin this blogging journey, but here it is. It’s January 1, 2015…11:05 p.m. EST…& this is the beginning. I didn’t really think about how I wanted to start it off, so most of everything typed is off the cuff.

It’s a new year…new beginnings….but isn’t each day is? Well, in American society…the trend “New Year, New Me” always lingers on the tip of December 31 at 11:59 p.m., but who really starts changing once the clock strikes midnight? I can tell you plenty of people will try to become a “New Me”, but many will fall and go right back to where they were. A lot of men and women will still be doing that 9-5, still living paycheck to paycheck, still doing things just to get by, & still doing things trying not to die. It’s the system that we live in….this is America. The great United States. We are all looking for the American Dream…right? “The idea of the American Dream is rooted in the United States Declaration of Independence which proclaims that “all men are created equal” and that they are “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights” including “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” Are we all truly equal? Well, according to this country’s forefathers we are…but reality tends to create a clearer picture for our eyes to see.

I’m writing to you as a young Man who is still continuing to grow, still continuing to learn, still continuing to pursue my true happiness. I do not desire to follow anyone…I intend to continue to create my own path in this world. In my posts, there will be posts that will make you happy. There will be topics that will bring a smile to your face. I will speak about good….& I will also speak about bad. I will make some of you uncomfortable….& trust me, I intend to. There will be topics you will agree on & there will be topics that you will despise. It is always your choice to whether you read my insights and thoughts…it is too easy to hit the red X button at your top left screen. If you do continue to read, I want feedback. I want dialect. I want to be challenged & I want to be debated on. I appreciate any type of criticism, both positive and negative. This tells me that there is somewhere inside you that cares about anything I discuss. I will use this as a tool to inform and to also gain further knowledge for myself. I thank you in advance. I Think my own Thoughts. I Live my own Life.

I never brag how real I keep it, cause it’s the best secret…”




2 thoughts on “2015: Page 1/365.

  1. I think that this is a start. You are right, we as ppl need to stop pushing ourselves to being the “new me” but becoming a better me with what we have already been striving for. Hence, instead of leaving that 9-5, get promoted in that 9-5.

    We do tend to over look a lot of good piecies and I’m glad I stopped to read your insight on the “New Year resolutions”.

    The real question is are we really free to peruse happiness?


    • 1st off, Thank you for your thoughts! & to answer your question from my view: i believe to pursue happiness we must overall strive to find it within ourselves in our spiritual being more so than our physical. Now, we both can probably agree that if money could solve our worldly problems, we would not have to struggle so much per say…but even the richest in America have inner struggles much deeper than what money can mend. We know as a regular citizen..or the “blue collar” worker, we have to work twice as much to get 1/2 the benefits. I believe if one can maintain spiritual happiness than even through the struggles and challenges in this world, one can die knowing that his/her spirit is in the right place.


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