Kingdom Letter #1

"Made 4 Each Other" by Kevin "WAK" Williams

“Made 4 Each Other” by Kevin “WAK” Williams

Dear Queen,
Message: There are good men in this world, don’t give up hope.
Your King is coming…for He is currently in the making. (Nope, Don’t give up Hope.)  

A wild Prince he is, roaming in the land of lust and sexual elopes.
I know it may seem that he is not within reach, but he will arrive…he just first has to see it.
See it within himself that he is more than an object
That he has a crown above his head, & can be the head of a household, the provider to his supporter.
As men, we are weak to the flesh & rarely we see beyond a woman’s skin
It becomes even deeper and more realer if we start to discover the “Her” from deep within…
It takes us a while to see the queen past the “hit it & quit it” technique,
We become so unfamiliar with the emotional connection with a being that we feel intimidated due to her presence & mindset…wanting to flee.
But fear not, your King is coming…
For he will step out his comfort zone & see what this beautiful “Queen” is all about
& I’m not just talking about her thick thighs and her full lips…
More so her intelligence that matches her full-figure physique, as he becomes more attracted to the mind that is so mystique.
My dear queen, please don’t sell yourself out or settle for less. I know the loneliness may get you in a distress that tempts you to behead, but please…keep your crown shining & display it proudly upon your head.
Please give us as men a chance to grow & soon know that we cannot reign in this world without you…
Let us learn from our mistakes so that we can perfect the craft that we make when building a tribe or foundation with your name that you’ve became.
Don’t give up hope on me Queen…for I am a King to Be.


© 2015 Tru1Poetry


3 thoughts on “Kingdom Letter #1

  1. This poem reminds me to stay grounded in my hopes of meeting a man who will delight in me as much as I will delight in him. It’s a gracious reminder that someone is waiting on me too, which makes me feel somehow he and I are already in this together. Everything about this poem strikes me. Your words are beautiful. Your poem is beautiful and appreciatied.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow…thanks so much for the kind words! I’m glad that it can give you that type of relation when it comes to emotions. More to come real soon…Stay Blessed.


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